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What we believe

We are a Christ-centred church, focused on our core values of:

Community – the close, mutually supportive community holds us together 
Social justice – we are passionate about social justice and outreach
Liberal theology – we have a proud history of radical thought and openness.

We are the kind of church you can come to as you are, a welcoming community which has a wide spectrum of beliefs and attitudes, and which rejoices in debate and discussion.  All are not just welcomed, but affirmed as children of God.

We are fully supportive of human rights in this church and are active in campaigning for changes in attitudes towards LGBT+ people in the wider church.  We see ourselves as in the radical tradition of Wat Tyler and John Ball, who led the Peasants' Revolt.  Wat Tyler Road is in the parish.  More recently, Rev. Paul Oestreicher was a founding member of Amnesty International in 1961 and of the Movement for the Ordination of Women.   Deaconess Elsie Baker was one of the first women ordained to the priesthood in the Church of England and was ordained in her 85th year.   Our Vicar, Anne, seeks to continue this commitment to human rights in the church.  A former prison chaplain, she is passionate about justice and rehabilitation.


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